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I had the pleasure of providing the keynote speech and also ran workshops for the “Stichting Children with Special Needs” contact day in Leiden, The Netherlands on Friday 23rd September.

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The tower stretches 436 feet above Capitol Park at State and Griswold streets, formerly the site of the Hodges Building, which dated back to 1871.

The Stott formally opened June 17, 1929, though its first tenant moved in that April. The Depression that hit that year wiped out much of the family’s wealth, leading to court battles and the tower being sold a year after it opened for only $1 above its $1.3 million mortgage in order to satisfy a bank judgment.

The David Stott Building neighbors 1001 Woodward to the southeast.

Sky Bar Detroit opened in 2011 on the 33rd floor of the David Stott Tower.

Recognizing the rapid growth of the vehicle industry, he joined the legion of investors who built large hotels or huge office buildings in downtown Detroit.

He may have initiated plans for a major new office building as early as 1921 and, according to the Buildings of Detroit website, encouraged a competition among architects.

The general contractor was the Martin & Krausmann Co.

The property was not particularly wide considering the building’s height, which created headaches for Donaldson and led him to go with a tall, slender design. The tower cost .5 million to build - the equivalent of .3 million today, when adjusted for inflation.

The building rises from a reddish granite base and incorporates buff-colored brick, marble (on the first three floors from the street), and limestone as its surface materials.

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